I attribute most of the successful cognitive skills recovery of my 75 year old client who was suffering from a brain injury to the game “A Fist Full of Coins” that was created by Sandy Newman.

In the beginning, my client was not able to keep up much of a conversation that made any sense. This made her and her family frustrated because she kept forgetting her words and ideas.

When I first started using the game with my client, she wasn’t able to remember all the colors or shapes and had difficulty knowing what the pieces represented. After only a few hours a week for 3 months she was easily and quickly picking out the correct shapes and colors and where to place the objects. Her conversations became coherent and witty. She was such a delight to be around. Unfortunately she has passed away because of a vehicle accident.

I would highly recommend the game “A Fist Full of Coins” to anyone who wishes to help those who have challenges with memory or mind challenges.

Rosemary Berglund
Recreational Therapist
Great ‘Game Night’ addition!!
This game is super for us! We have a 3½ year old who loves to play with us and we love to include her!

The Panei Family
Calgary AB
The game provides numerous opportunities to improve skills through repetition! It’s a whole lot of fun and excitement for my clients. Immediately after playing, clients are able to take what they learn and use it.

Thanks for the tool…WE LOVE IT!

Child Development Facilitator
I was a little apprehensive when first receiving the game Fist Full of Coins, as any other board game takes months to break down step by step for our son and slowly add the motor planning in as our son has severe dyspraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder . These types of games have always been worthwhile, however, the preparation time that has to be included adds to my many other “things to do” list. We also have a daughter who is gifted and as well has Sensory Processing Disorder; things need to happen “fast” for her or it will not hold her attention.
I love this game, there was no preparation involved it was easy for our son to play this game and slowly his processing is picking up faster and faster, we had wished we could find a game that would help speed up his “output” and this wonderful game does exactly that. For my daughter, it is helping her to slow down and process from start to finish instead of running to the end.

I liked this game so much I took it to both my children’s teachers/school principals, and they have ordered it for their schools, both special needs and French immersion programs.

Lori Fankhanel
Sensory Processing Disorder Canada Foundation
My 13 year old son, who struggles with attention issues, sits and stares at the card until he’s got it. Then he carefully follows the instructions that he remembers. That’s pretty big!!!

Terri Mauro,
Parenting Specialist
I have witnessed some wonderful successes in a short period of time with children who have been fortunate enough to have this game incorporated into their daily routine.
I feel this game has many benefits for all children, including those who are learning English as a second language, and those children with expressive and receptive language delays.

K. Wiltse
Resource teacher
Calgary Board of Education
This is a wonderful game that was created by someone with an understanding of children who have needs for skill development in the following areas:

Basic concepts (colors, shapes, object labels);
Listening to and Following Simple and Complex Instructions;
Auditory Processing;
Language Processing;

I have found it an extremely helpful resource. It can be modified and used in combination with other resources in order to promote a fun learning experience within speech-language therapy sessions or classroom centres. Thanks for the thought and experience that has gone into creating such a fantastic game!

Carmen Souster, B.Ed., B.A., MSLP, R.SLP, S-LP(C)
Registered Speech-Language Pathologist
I am an Occupational Therapist with a teaching degree. I have extensive Sensory Processing Integration Training, which gives me a vast education and understanding of the role the central nervous system plays in the body and how it affect our understanding of our surroundings.

Great ‘Game Night’ addition!! I strongly recommend the game “A Fist Full of Coins” to help strengthen cognitive thinking skills. The game requires repetitive use of neurological functions in the brain which strengthens existing pathways or creates new neurological bridges that might not have existed previously within the brain.

Motor Planning, Motor Sequencing, Visual Memory, Visual Perceptual Skills, Working Memory, Following written and verbal instructions, Zeroing in on words with meaning, not forgetting to mention helping to create understanding of concrete terminologies such as ‘under’, ‘between’, ‘beside’, ‘in’, ‘on’ etc. etc. These are all cognitive functions this game assists with.
It’s a great game for everyone!!

Colleen Basaraba
B.ED., B.Sc.O.T.(C0, O.T.R.
During quiet reading I allow struggling readers to play this game quietly until I am able to read with them individually. I like knowing they are working hard yet still having fun! GREAT GAME!!!

Grade 4
R. Murdock
Randoff Elem. School
This game (A Fist Full Of Coins) has been such an amazing tool for our family. The best part is that it is so much fun! (No one has to know that it is educational!) Our youngest child was struggling with language skills (especially with using prepositions and putting sentences together…ie: over, under, beside, etc…) The game helped him immensely! I also love the way you can adapt it to work for whatever age you are! I highly recommend it!

Deborah Newman
A Fist Full of Coins.pdf
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"It is interesting to see the way the game highlights my school aged expressive-language impaired daughter's specific difficulties. She is doing surprisingly well for only playing this game for a short while!"

Terri Mauro,
Parenting Specialist

About the Creator

My name is Sandy Newman and I am the creator of this wonderful game. I am a mother of two grown boys and I have worked with mainstream and special needs children for the past 20 years. I am passionate about helping people!

10 Great Reasons to Get this Game:

1. Fun for everyone!

2. Enhances the memory process

3. Teaches the kids to focus

4. Teaches players to create
organized thought patterns

5. Challenging for adults, teens, children and toddlers

6. Educational and fun

7. Convenient compact size

8. Bridges pathways within the brain

9. French and Spanish add on kits available

10. Kids Love It!

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