About the Creator

Sandy Newman

"My name is Sandy Newman and I am the creator of this wonderful game. I am a mother of two grown boys and I have worked with mainstream and special needs children for the past 20 years. I am passionate about helping people!

My philosophy for teaching children is, and always has been, to teach children through play! Learning should be exciting and fun – something that I feel is lost in today’s traditional methods of schooling! I believe that because I was once a child with learning difficulties, it has given me insight into what children with learning difficulties think and feel, as they struggle to learn.

Originally I created this game for a child who could not express what they wanted to say and who also had great difficulties follow directions. With the use of this game, the youngster began to participate fully in class, answering questions, and creating conversations. A Fist Full of Coins created a whole new world for this child in a very short period of time.

This game has been assisting children with learning difficulties, attention problems (ADD/ADHD), English as a Second Language issues, processing delay, language delay, children diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorders/spectrum disorders, and more!!!

Because of the nature of the game, processing information within the brain is greatly improved, helping everyone who uses this tool! We have found the game to be successful in assisting people who are recovering from brain injuries, strokes, and brain degenerative conditions commonly associated with old age.

I created this game originally while helping children, but I have since discovered that the game has a wide variety of applications for everyone!"

-Sandy Newman
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10 Great Reasons to Get this Game:

1. Fun for everyone!

2. Enhances the memory process

3. Teaches the kids to focus

4. Teaches players to create
organized thought patterns

5. Challenging for adults, teens, children and toddlers

6. Educational and fun

7. Convenient compact size

8. Bridges pathways within the brain

9. French and Spanish add on kits available

10. Kids Love It!

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